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©Roengchai Kongmuang

Children of Migration in Asia 25 FEB 2017


International Conference
Children of Migration in Asia:

Child Migrants, Border-crossing Children, Border- blurred Children

DATE25 November 2017 (Sat) 9:30-18:00
VENUEConference room nos.1&2, 10F, McKim Hall, Rikkyo University 3-34-1, Nishi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, 171-8501, Tokyo


9:30-10:00Opening Speech: Kayoko Ishii
10:00-11:00Keynote Speech 1: Rhacel S. Parrenas on
“Global Inequalities of Reproduction”
11:00-12:00Keynote Speech 2: Nicola Piper on
“Migrant Precarity and Displaced Care at the intersection of temporality and transnationality”
13:00-14:00Session 1: Partial Citizenship
13:00-14:00Session 1: Partial Citizenship

Chand Somaiah and Brenda S.A. Yeoh (National University of Singapore)
“Transnational Lives and Careful Longings of Left-Behind Children in Indonesia”

Cheryll Alipio (York University, Canada)
“left-behind children of transnational migrants in the Philippines”

Harriot Bazley (University of the Sunshine Coast)
‘I can’t do anything but wait’: The experiences of ‘left behind’ children in Lombok, Indonesia.
14:00-15:00Session 2: Ubiquitous Borders

Catheline Allerton (London School of Economics)
The Everyday Borders of Children of Migrants: Mapping Migration and Diversity in Sabah, Malaysia

Michelle, .T. Y. Huang (National Taiwan University)
Pregnant Mainland Women and the Cultural Politics of Birthright Citizenship: Towards a Feminist Geopolitics

Ji-Hye Shin (Yonsei University, Korea)
The Deportation of Korean Adoptees from the U.S. and the Quest for Citizenship
15:00-15:15Coffee Break
15:15-16:15Session 3: Transnational Class

Johanna Waters (University of Oxford)
Child migration for higher education and its connotations in transnationalism in East Asia(tentative)

Chalermpol Chamchan, Kanya Apipornchaisakul, Kanchana Thianlai (Mahidol University, Thailand)
Access to rights of migrant children in Thailand: The importance of social integration and role of civil society

Masako Kudo (Professor, Kyoto Women’s University, Japan)
”Negotiating Belonging in One’s Own Home: The Japanese Muslim Youth born to Japanese Mothers and Pakistani Fathers”
16:15-17:15Session 4: Dehumanized Population

Misaki Iwai (Kanda University of International Studies)
Citizenship of “children without homeland” in Vietnam (tentative)

Hsia, Hsiao-Chuang (Shih Hsin University, Taiwan)
Citizenship for Children of Migrant Mothers in Taiwan (tentative)

Isabella Ng (The Education University of Hong Kong), Ada Lai (Vocational Training Council)
The bordered life of the stateless little ones – Asylum-seeker children in Hong Kong
17:15-18:00Open Discussion
18:30-20:00Welcome Dinner


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