Professor CHOI Susanne Y.P.

Professor of Department of Sociology The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Professor Choi's current research interests include migration, gender, family, and sexuality. She has written extensively on issues such as migrant labor, migrant families, and cross-border marriages. Her articles have been published in American Journal of Sociology, Journal of Marriage and Family, International Migration Review, The China Quarterly, Social Science and Medicine, Violence against Women, Culture, Health and Sexuality, Journal of Family Issues, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Sociology of Health and Illness, Human Relations, American Behavioral Scientist, and the British Journal of Sociology. Her most recent publication is Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family and Gender in China (University of California Press, 2016, co-authored with Peng Yinni). Drawing on ethnographic and interview data, the book examines the effect of mass rural-to-urban migration on family and gender relationships, with a specific focus on changes in men and masculinities.